FAQ - häufige Fragen


Is there a manual for the Pinguin Multimeters?
Welchen USB-Dongle-Treiber benötige ich für das Meters?
Why are the meters not showing any level?
Why do the meters react slowly? Why is the FFT analyzer not running smooth?
The Meters are displayed in a weird way (graphic failures).
The Wire-Plugin can not be connected
Is the HDIR Creator available for Mac?


Do I really have to move the microphone during measurement?
At what distance from the speakers should I measure?
What is the area I should cover during measurement?
Rooms cannot be corrected by any equalization of the audio signal! How can this work?
What microphone should I use?
Can I measure and correct a 5.1/7.1 system?
I have measured my system but the bass became weaker and mids to highs became aggressive. Why is that?
What do I need to create new measurements and filters for APEQ ord CONEQ PlugIns if I don´t have a valid measurement software license